Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless Mittens
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This is my new project, a pair of fingerless mittens, or gloves. Currently, it is also thumbless! However, that should only be temporary. As you can see, I've got my double point needles (DPNs) in place and ready for action.

It won't be a complete thumb, just enough to keep it cozy and yet free to use my Droid.

So besides doing a thumb, the other new thing is a cable! The other side of the glove has a cable on it! Cables are easy, managing the yarn while working the cable is a bit harder, especially when stitching the stitches on the cable needle because the tension is tight.

Fingerless Mittens Cable

It was also my first time using a knitting chart. It's also the first time I misread one! Never the less, this mitt works!

The pattern is named Medallion Mitts and is in the book "Knitting With Balls: A hands-on guid for the Modern Man" by the designer Michael Del Vecchio.

I was surprised how fast this one knitted up. Very enjoyable.


Mark in DE said...

You're so clever with your fingerless mittens. ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

hi bugsy...mark in DE (sissy) sent me over here cause you knit...I knit too!

nice fingerless mittens...I just finished a pair this morning, but they are not as elaborate as yours!

are you on ravelry; if so, I will friend you!

Chakatoria said...

Awesome Gloves! I'm still reading!