Sock Progress: Gusset Complete

Sock Gusset Complete
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So I've made substantial progress on the sock since fixing my dropped stitches problem while hanging out in the gusset.

I had to implement my fix one more time as I dropped more stitches. It happened while I was on the same side of the sock where I have to slip slip knit (ssk) in order to reduce the number of stitches on that side of the sock. So I made sure to be extra careful when approaching that area.

While working the gusset, I realized that the sock would look so much better if I had just done simple knitting. The colors on the gusset seem to pop out more and I see more of them than on the sock leg where I was doing ribbing. I'll wait before deciding on it, besides I have to make a mate, so I'm pretty much stuck with it.

The foot should be pretty easy to do as half of the stitches will be knit and the other half ribbing. The next big hurdle will be the toe, although I don't expect it to be too much trouble.

I've been working on this sock since July! Good thing I'm not making a living doing this!

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Ginny said...

Wow, it is really shaping up.
since July? that's a long time still, you aren't working on it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week - so there's that