Sock Progress And Why Lockable Stitch Markers Are Our Friends


Having come up with a plan to fix my dropped stitches problem, I headed to the knitting store to pick up a few things.

I picked up a cable needle, a 2.5 crochet hook, tip protectors, and some locking stitch markers.

Once I got home, I reassessed the problem. I used a few of the locking stitch markers to replace the needles that I had put in to hold the dropped stitches. At least the locking stitch markers wont fall out like the needles did.

Once I completed locking these stitches, I found one more dropped stitch! I used another marker.

Sock Fix

I now have three dropped stitches and I'm two rows down from where I need to be. This is good. The challenge will be kniittitng two of those stitches together. I'm hoping I'll be able to use the crochet hook for that.

Once that's done I can bring the stitches up the final row and then I should be good to go!

I fixed the problem and am now moving forward with completing the gussett!


Sara said...

YEAH! Like the yarn very much.

Ginny said...

you are quite the problem solver - keep up the good stitching!