Sock Knitting Progress: The Heel Flap

So I made progress on my sock and started on the heel. Unfortunately, I got two rounds into the heel when I realized that I had made a mistake. It looked really weird and I can't describe it. I didn't take a picture!

So I had to tink, or unknit for those not hip with knitting lingo, two rows! It was a challenge as I had not had to tink so many stitches before. So I worked carefully backward. I did find that listening to the video on the Grand Canyon that SU had gotten from the library was nice, although, helped.

Today, I started to work on the heel, but before I did that I reviewed what I had on the needle to ensure that things were correct. They were not. I had dropped a stitch. I fixed that. Then I found that when I fixed the dropped stitch I didn't quite get it all the way back up, so I had to bring that dropped stitch up one more row.

Finally, things now look right, but I'll let it rest for a few before trying again.

This seems to be good practice for me on recovering from a knitting mistake! Whew!

Oh, and the progress, all lost!


Sara said...

Been there!!! Done that!!! And, isn't it a pain! Sometimes the best thing is to put it away for a day or two...

Jackie said...

I often follow the same process. Somehow spending a day or so in time out makes it much easier to fix and get back on track!