Sock Knitting Progress

Sock Knitting Progress
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Well, here it is. Progress on my first hand knitted sock.

The blue yarn is the sock cuff. The rainbow yarn will be the majority of the sock. The blue yarn will be the heel and the toe.

This all started because my quilting buddy, Tamra, gave me the rainbow yarn because it was advertised as Gay Pride yarn!

Of course, I've never knitted socks and just started knitting. So with a few books and two knitting classes, I'm starting to knit socks.

These socks are for me! I'm thinking that if I really like this sock knitting, that I'll do it - socks only. Ok, maybe a few hats.


Mark in DE said...

Who doesn't like socks? Socks are great!! Personally I can't get enough socks. (wink, wink)

Wendy said...

Hey there, Ginny sent me over! I just started knitting and love it SO MUCH. I wish I had started years ago.

A week or so ago someone showed me a toe-up way to start socks that's so easy. I'm going to be trying that method when I finally get brave enough to work on a sock.

Have you heard about the men's knitting retreat? You should check it out.