Preparing for Family Invasion

SU and I have been preparing for the arrival of [his] family. This has been going on since last week. I've been trying to do this cleaning, really Spring cleaning, over a longer period of time, because last year I got sick right before their arrival.

I really think it was an allergy related illness, so this year I'm trying to spread the cleaning over time so as not to be exposed to all this allergy stuff. Its worked out well so far.

The only real areas left to clean are the dining room and the basement bathroom. Oh, yeah, my quilt room. It seems that my scrap bucket is overflowing, reminding me that I should make a scrap quilt. Sadly, those scraps will go into a bin and into the attic to get out of the way. The quilt room gets temporarily packed up for the visit and becomes a bed room.

SU has been busy cleaning out the back porch area and repairing the wind chime, which succumbed to the wind and started falling apart.


MYRA said...

You have to pack up your whole sewing room to make room for quests!!! Oh my... time for a bigger place to lay your hat so that you can have a quest room AND leave your sewing room up and running... 8-)
Priorities... lol! 8-)
Good luck with the remainder of your prep and clean up!

Wendy said...

My husband remarks to me that I always get sick before his family comes to visit. I hate to tell you this, but it might not actually be ALLERGIES. :)