My First Knitted Sock

My First Knitted Sock
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So here it is, in all its glory! My first knitted sock! Ta dah!

It has a few problems, like the foot is too long. Its about 4.5" long from the heel to toe. It should be 3". I got carried away on the foot and just couldn't stop.

Another problem is that on the bottom of the foot, I must have been gabbing because I noticed a nice little hole. I must've dropped a stitch. My efforts to fix it only made it worse. So I moved on.

I also think I got lost when I was decreasing at the toe. I didn't get a nice straight line of decreases to the toe.

I did, however, pegged the kitchener stitch when I was binding off at the toe.

All in all, I love my first sock. Its too small for me to wear, but I love it!
I'll make another practice one and then I'll be ready for a real pair.

I'm so looking forward to it!


MYRA said...

Good for you J! I have never attempted knitting a sock, not a mitten for that matter! Looks like you are well on your way with socks now! 8-)
Happy stitchings/knittings! 8-)
PS: Thanks for your visit...

Mark in DE said...

Maybe you can hang this one on the mantle at Christmas, for Rog to fill with treats!

Sara said...

Love the fact that you are knitting socks. They are really a lot of fun to knit...