Family Invasion: Part II

I managed to get the quilt room rearranged for the arrival of SU's brother (A), sister-in-law (K) and two kids (E, L) who arrived Saturday night.

Easter 2009

SU's mother (R) and I never made it to the knitting store. She was looking for a device that helps to measure the gauge of a knitted/crocheted swatch of fabric. Gauge is important to ensure that the finished item has the proper measurements, i.e. it will fit properly.

Once the remainder of the family arrived, we all went for a walk around the block. This was to help the travelers unwind. Eventually, we had dinner - spaghetti casserole, salad, potatoes, and cookies for desert.

We did some visiting and eventually everyone went to bed.

Sunday, Easter, saw the kids finding their baskets and plastic eggs filled with candy and toys. Frogs for E, and pigs for L. E loved his frogs and L loved her pigs. Needless to say a war was waged between the frogs and the pigs, but I'm not sure who won.

In addition to the family we already had, my mother and our friend A, came to dinner (which really is a late lunch, supper?). We had some appetizers that A brought - endive filled with a mixture of chopped up veggies. Dinner was ham, lamb with mint jelly, salad, and rolls.

While I don't like the taste of lamb, I did try some. It tasted pretty well the a popcorn jelly bean and the mint jelly. L, the niece, gave me a popcorn jelly bean to eat at the time I was trying the lamb and mint jelly. I thought it tasted pretty good. For some reason the lamb didn't have that lamby flavor.

Dinner was followed by the kids and A heading out to the park for some play time. Meanwhile, the rest of us helped layout the treasure hunt for the kids. Once the kids and A returned we had the treasure hunt. The kids loved that they could go into the office as they had been told they could only enter with an adult.

The photo is the annual group photo of those who made it to our Easter activities.


Sara said...

Sounds like you had a great time...

Ginny said...

Looks like a good time with family . . .but Joe, why are you mostly cut out of the picture?

Bugsy said...

I am indeed cut partly out of the picture. Didn't notice that until after it had been published.

The good news is if you click on the picture you can see the whole thing!

Mark in DE said...

Looks/sounds like a great time had by all.

MYRA said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time at Easter!
Lovely family photo J, as well as all those flowering tree photos! Wow! Simply beautiful to look at... Wish we had that right now! 8-)