Arlington Squares Variation I - Completed

Arlington Squares Variation I - Completed
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This is the completed quilt! I finally got the quilt pieced, quilted, bound, and washed!

Wouldn't you know that the label on the back of the quilt snuck out of the binding! Ugh!

I'll have to rip out that part of the binding and redo it. I'm glad I washed it before I gave it to the proud parents of a new baby!


Sara said...

Love that quilt - it is beautiful!!!

Mark in DE said...

Its pretty! I like the primary colors.

MYRA said...

Quilt looks great J! I machine stitch my labels in the corner at the same time I attach the binding to the quilt. Then I hand stitch the rest of it in place as I hand stitch the binding... It ain't never comin' off! 8-)

Love your profile photo! Nice effect! 8-)