I had never heard of the word "staycation" until my cousin used it. It means vacationing at home. Of course, once I learned of this word, I saw it used everywhere. I think, in part, because of the poor economy.

So that brings me to the word "workcation". 'Vacationing' at work, which is what I'm doing through Wednesday. As I support a 24/7/365(6) operations center in DC, we couldn't rely on being able to get into town should some issue arise. Thus, we are camping at the office.

Last night, the first, wasn't too bad; although I didn't sleep much. The cots that were supplied are not too bad. The office I'm camping out in has an air vent in the middle of the room, so I had blowing air in my face all night. I'll have to readjust the setting.

The room also has a TV, so I watched The Mentalist last night. It was ok.

There is also a clock in the room. As it turns out it is a little over an hour ahead. So I was up a little before 5 AM! I took a shower, got dressed, checked in with the client, and got breakfast at a bagel place.

Downtown DC, at least near the Mall, has become "Porta Potty" town. I'm sure The Caucus Room is just pleased as punch to be hosting their own little strip of them!

I did manage to have dinner with SU last night. I wasn't sure how the crowds would be after the concert and speech at the Lincoln Memorial. I was pleasantly surprised that people acted civilly and things moved along swimmingly.

Two more days.

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