Inauguration Day

While I had to work Inauguration day, I did manage to make a few excursions outside to see the happenings in downtown DC.

What did I see? Lots and lots of people. Everyone seemed enthusiastic and, for the most part, civilized. Lots and lots of Inaugural and President Obama merchandise.

I also saw lots and lots of trash. Everywhere! It seemed to glob up at the fences and barricades.

I also saw the last of the parade and was happy to have seen The Lesbian and Gay Band Association (LGBA) band. Perfect timing! I got there just as they were announced!

I was also checking out the Metro stations. I needed to get home! The stations were clear into them, but the platforms were full of people! Ick!

I was able to get home by @ 7:30 PM. It was nice to sleep in my own bed.

Its hard to imagine its been over a week. I find that when the President is going to speak, I turn up the radio instead of turning it off. I think that's a big improvement!

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Sara said...

Yes, I would say that is a big improvement...

I know I actually listen to when he is speaking!!!