Quilt Baby H Finished - Really

Quilt Baby H Final - Really
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So here's the real finished final, end of story, for the baby quilt I've been working on. I had two issues that i needed to fix and the circles came to mind. Unfortunately I can't do just two circles, I have to balance it out.

This does have the feeling of being done on a piece of software and then realizing you've got some more to do!

So here it is - again!


Jibber Jabber

I've been channeling Mr. T at work. I'm not sure why. It does seem a bit unseemly for a Gay man to be channeling Mr. T, but what can you do. I certainly hope my Pink Card won't be taken away. Where's Liza when you need her?

Jibber Jabber also refers to this entry which really is just rambling.

I finished the quilt which I already said I finished. I added some circles because I had two unseamly issues. I'll post a photo soon. I've already taken it, but haven't downloaded it from my camera.

This morning I went to Capital Quilts for our last second saturday get together. I showed the recently finished (again) baby quilt top and my first quilt (another post). I also bought batting, thread and a bendable ruler. All will be used in the quilting of the baby quilt.

I spent part of the day cleaning house for our visitors (see below). SU had issues making desert. It seems he forgot to add the liquid ingredients before putting it in the oven! He a had a momentary lapse of helpless laughter. Other than a burnt outer crust, it tasted good!

I'm just hurriedly writing this as I'm expecting my Mother and cousin for dinner any minute now.

I felt that I really should post more often, since the title is "A Day in the Life of Bugsy"! Sheesh!

More later!