Powell Endorses Obama

I really like what Mr. Powell has to say regarding this years election.

Here's a video of Mr. Powell outside of the studio after endorsing Obama. He has some clear opinions on how the doings of the McCain Campaign and the GOP in general.

Support Vote No On Prop 8

My partner and I have been together for over 11 years now. We'd love to get married, but we can't in Virginia. So we're supporting Vote No On Prop 8. I feel good knowing that we did our part to show our support of Californian Gays and Lesbians to stay and get married!

That's right, Californian Gays and Lesbians can get married, but Prop 8 will change all that and take away the rights of these couples. At one time the Conservative movement was against the removing the rights of American citizens and the US Government intrusions into the lives of its citizens.

But, no longer. It seems that the Conservative movement is about less Government intrusion except for....<they get to fill in the blank>

Take a moment and think about what other rights that the current radical conservatives will want to remove next. Are you certain that they wont disapprove of something in your life? How far does this go? When do we stand up and say "No More!"

Here are some facts from Vote No On Prop 8's web site.

Here's a video from Ellen DeGeneres that sums up my feelings on Prop 8.

Based on the news its not looking good for those opposing Prop 8. So please donate to this cause, if anything stand up to stop the reduction of rights! America is about freedom!

So please contribute. Currently DailyKos is running a fundraiser where philanthropist Steve Bing will match your donation until the end of today (10/19/2008). So please DONATE!

The other place to donate is on the Vote No On Prop 8 web site. DONATE.

Please don't wait for someone to do something. DO SOMETHING! DONATE!



Batik Quilt Last Section (02) Completed

Batik Quilt Section 02
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I finally finished the last section of the Batik Drunkard's Path quilt!


Yet More Live Blogging: Batik Quilt Last Section 60% Done

Batik Quilt Last Section 60% Done
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Ok. This is 60% of the last section of this Batik Drunkard's Path quilt. I've got 3 more rows to sew together, Melissa Etheridge, My Little Secret, is still playing and I've finished drinking my boxcar martini!

However, its time for dinner and a needed break from this crazy thing that I call Live Blogging While Quilting!

Lets say that it just doesn't translate well from political live blogging!

More Live Blogging While Quilting: Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine
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Here's my sewing machine with the knee lift lever in place. This thing is very handy while sewing! I love being able to lift the presser foot without having to remove my hands from the fabric ( or drink my martini!)!

Done with the 4 rows and now will press, except SU has just left a load of laundry on the ironing board! Ugh! Another issue! Will it never cease!

Really, this has just gotten a little out of hand!

More Live Blogging While Quilting

I'm over the halfway mark on sewing rows 1/2 to 3/4! I'm loving my foot knee-lift!

He stopped for this? Is he insane?!

Live Blogging on Quilting? Can It Happen?

I'm thinking that trying to blog live while quilting just doesn't work!
Enya has changed into Melissa Etheridge!

I've pinned rows 1/2 to 3/4 and am now sewing them together! Can he do it? Or is failure imminent?

Does that last word make me elitist?

Maybe another drink is out of the question.

Hey "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Batik Quilt Last Section Rows 1-4

Batik Quilt Last Section Rows 1-4
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I'm working diligently to get this batik drunkard's path quilt done. I know that the people at Capital Quilts are probably wondering why its not done yet!

So here's the first 4 rows of the last section of this quilt. There are 3 more rows left. Then I've got to come up with a quilting plan! Ick! Oh No! Hurray!

That about sums it up, but let me tell you that I'm fortified with my boxcar martini! I might have to have another! ;-)

Boxcar Martini

Boxcar Martini
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Its been a while since I've blogged about a martini! Here's a new recipe that the SU got from MatchBox, a restaurant in DC. This recipe is on their web site and is in the Manly Section, go figure!

Remy Martin v.s.o.p. / triple sec / squeeze of lemon / sour mix / sugared rim

Although, the SU bought a cheaper brand of the Remy Martin brandy. Its just as tasty!

Enjoy! I'm enjoying one while quilting and listening to Enya!

Back in the Quilt Room

I managed to make it into the quilt room yesterday! The first order of business was to figure out which section I had left to do with my latest project, Batik Drunkards Path.

(For a recap, check out these entries: Batik Drunkards Path Quilt - Section 2, Batik Drunkards Path Quilt - Section 03, and Batik Drunkards Path - Section 4.

As I was getting re-familiarized with my project (it has been a month or so), I found that Section 2 is really section 1; section 4 is really section 3; and section 3 is really section 4. Finally, section 1 is really section 2. Are you confused? I know I am.

The whole section thing really has to do with how all the seams are aligned in relation to one another. I like to have my seams interlock with one another to ensure that the blocks are aligning properly. This means that the seam allowances on each side must be opposite (one up, the other down; or one right, the other left).

So I had to rearrange the sections to accommodate this important, but not required, element. This means that the quilt has changed once again. Although, because I had randomly placed the squares, with some tweaking, it doesn't really matter how the blocks go together. So this adds another random aspect to the quilt.

I feel this is where the quilt gets to inject its own plan for its own creation. I like that better than I'm a lazy slug and didn't want to fix the problems so it comes out as planned!

I'll be working on it today.

I'm still obsessed with the Political and Financial landscapes; and am trying to keep up with all of the posts in the blogosphere.

SU's parents are in town and we've wandered all over the place. We went to the Renwick museum and the Corcoran gallery.

I highly recommend the Renwick's current exhibition: Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Glass which is a display of the works of Lino Tagliapietra (b. 1934), an Italian Master Glass Blower and artist. The works are absolutely stunning!

At the Corcoran, we saw the photos of phtographer Richard Avedon (Portraits of Power).

They did go to the Pentagon Memorial, but I was working. I'll be visiting it soon and post photos of the memorial as I promised to Sara.


House Cleaning

SU and I have been cleaning house in preparation for his parent's visit. SU has been focused on the kitchen and I've cleaned the upstairs: bathroom, dusted, swifferred, and mopped. I've accused him of playing.. The kitchen is 1/3 the size of the upstairs. Go figure. (Love you honey!)

I also recycled a dozen old computer books. That made room for the books that were piled high on my desk, basically making it messy and making it difficult for me to focus on learning some new technologies.

The In-Laws arrive on Tuesday and I'm taking off work on Thursday and Friday. We've got plans to visit the Pentagon 9/11 memorial; see the Capital Steps, a political comedy musical troupe; and visit Trader Joe's, a grocery store chain.

I have hopes of getting to my sewing room sometime this weekend.