Lavendar Petals

Here's another some more flowers that I found around the neighborhood.

Yesterday I went to my quilt guild's monthly Sit-N-Sew to take pictures of a couple of projects we have in the works. More practice with my camera, which I really need.
After that I met a former co-worker, who found me on Facebook. We met at a local quilt shop. but she was late because she got lost on her way there. I felt bad because I didn't warn her that it was hard to find! However, with a little directional help from the quilt shop staff, she made it! Everyone talked about how challenging the area is because the roads seem to go everywhere!

After the quilt shop we had lunch and chatted for a few hours, catching up. Then I headed home so that we could meet our friends at Planet Arlington.

Planet Arlington it a music festival that "explores issues of immigration, globalization and climate change". They had a number of musicians playing a variety of world beat music; crafts, dancing, food and drink!

We stayed for a few hours and enjoyed the day. Our friends kids were running back and forth to the craft area and our sitting area. At one point a blow-up ball rolled down the hill.

No one claimed it and no one seemed to be looking for it. Then a little girl in a white and pink dress came by and played with it. Her mother was apologetic, but we told her she could play with it. A little while later the mother returned the ball, thanked us and left with her upset daughter.

As we left I wandered up the hill and found the group who the ball belonged to. They were thankful of its return.

All in all a great day!

Still haven't made it to the quilt room to do any quilting!


Yellow Petals

Black-eyed Susans
Originally uploaded by i_bugsy.

Black-Eyed Susans are one of my favorite flowers! I just love the contrast of the dark brown center with the brilliant yellow of the flower petals. It is Summer to me.

This past weekend we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a friend's wedding. We had a great time! Only rain on the way, but it was very windy at the beach.

The wedding was very nice and very touching. I teared up a few times and the SU was nearly in tears. I gave him my handkerchief.

The reception was also very nice with a great view of the beach and the ocean. I had several vodka tonics but managed to work it all out dancing. What a blast that was!

I did take some pictures, but they were woefully underexposed. Still lots to learn with the camera.

I began and finished The Watchmen, a graphic novel about super heroes. Its definitely not for kids and covers a lot of moral questions. It is a very good novel.

Trying to get back into the swing of things at work. Otherwise, not much happening. Although, I hear the calling of that last section of the batik quilt. Will I get to it? Mmmmmm......?


Red Petals

Ok. Nothing again today. I had planned to get into the sewing room and get started on the first, but last, section of the batik quilt - that didn't happen. So here's a picture of another pot of geraniums.

Today, we went to breakfast, SU did some cooking, I did some cleaning, I did some clean up on my email and played my Nintendo GameBoy (yeah, old technology) and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Currently, SU is ordering pizzas for a little birthday shindig for moi! My Mother, brother and his family are arriving soon.

Now I gotta run and see what else needs to be done.



Pink Petals

What's a Gay man's blog without the color pink? Boring!

This is a photo of one of the geraniums that sit on our front porch. The outside flowers are the responsibility of the Spousal Unit (SU). I'm in charge of the inside plants. My plants don't bloom, but are a nice green.

This was taken with my new camera. I realize now that I should have reduced the field of focus so that the background was more blurred. This would make the flowers stand out more.

Otherwise, I've got nothing. We are on our way to mail a birthday present to our niece in NC.

Have a great day!


Kick In The Tongue

Where I work we have the TV tuned on CNN during the work day. One of the stories that was repeated was the protest of "Tropic Thunder" by Members of the Coalition of National Disability Organizations.

At some point, Timothy Shriver was being interviewed. He expressed his opinion about the use of the word "retard" and how the last thing these people need is a "kick in the tongue...teeth."

I heard that and thought that I would love to be a fly on the wall of his grey matter so that I could know what he was thinking when he realized what he said. The other thing that happened is I started to laugh. Periodically, throughout the day, I suffered from fits of laughter.

Of course, I held my composure during the funeral service for a co-worker who had died of a massive heart attack or a stroke last week. He was a great guy and we'll miss him terribly. He also had a great sense of humor, so I'm thinking he would have loved this!


Finding Obama

It seems that no matter where you go, there's lost people.

I had just left quilting bee and was on my way to secure some Pad Thai noodles at a Thai grocery store for the Spousal Unit (SU); when I saw a young woman on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride.

The car she was trying to hitch a rider didn't stop, and she started to cry. I quickly ran through all the possible horrible ways I would end up if I gave this person a ride. I felt that she seemed to be a nice person and wasn't giving off any negative vibes - except the crying thing.

So I rolled down the passenger side car window and asked if she needed a lift. Yes, she did. She got into the car and tried to not cry and apologized for crying. I tried to calm her down and ask where she was going. She said that the bus had changed numbers on her and she didn't know where she was. The bus drivers here don't always change their signs, so this seemed plausible.

She mentioned a building, but I wasn't familiar with it. We pulled to the side of the road and punched in the address that she had. Unfortunately, no dice. My GPS failed.

Fortunately there is the SU, who is all over knowing where he's at! A quick call and we are heading towards Lisa, that's the lost lady in my car. It seems that Lisa is from Michigan and is working in downtown DC as a legal assistant. She was trying to get to an Obama rally/information seminar.

I finally got her to the building, she thanked me for helping, and went into the building to see if the meeting was going on. I waited, in case she needed a ride to a Metro, but she waved indicating that she would be staying.

Mission accomplished! Obama had been found! All is right with the Universe!


Panoramic Photo Scenic View

Panoramic off the GW Parkway
Originally uploaded by i_bugsy.

This is my first panoramic photo! And it was taken with my new camera!

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI to merge the four different photographs into this one panoramic photo! The software doesn't have an automated photo stitch, but it does tell you how to do it. I was very pleased with the results, even with the minor flaw.

If you look at the big picture you should be able to see the issue. I'm still reexamining to figure out if I can fix it or not. It looks like one of the sections is brighter than the others.

I also used some techniques from "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby. I like his sense of humor and his tips are to the point.


Birthday Present On The Way

The wonderful Spousal Unit (SU) has let me buy this nifty Canon Digital SLR for my birthday.

It's not the latest and greatest, but it will be able to use the existing Canon flash and zoom lens that I have for my old non-digital Canon EOS Rebel SLR.

I can hardly wait to test it out once it arrives later this week!

My plan is to use it at my Sister-in-Laws parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. I'm assigned as the official photographer! I've been reading up on photography stuff in preparation. I've taken family pictures before, but never for such an important event!

After that? Well, Peter Parker eat your heart out!


Here's Johnny Rockets!

"Here's Johnny Rockets outside!" said the man waving his arm at the outside seating area.

Normally, I would be amused at such drama, but the man was taking up the whole sidewalk. The Spouse and I were returning to our car after breakfast. We turned the corner, at Johnny Rockets - a hamburger joint - when we got the aforementioned view of this 60 year old man taking up the sidewalk.

This man was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk! This man was riding his bicycle and waving his left arm in grand gesture. He was riding his bike in a sinewy path and was taking up the entire sidewalk!

To his credit, he realized that: a) he was riding his bike on the sidewalk; b) he was taking up the entire sidewalk; and c) other people were WALKING on the sidewalk. He stopped and got off his bike.

I was being a crotchety old man! Here was an older man being youthful and exuberant!