As my friend Mark at Tales of the Sissy mentioned in a blog entry, I've had the feeling of a blog entry. I just wasn't quite ready to post it. Now seems the time.

I'm currently waiting on the return of my sewing machine, a Bernina Activa 135 Patchwork edition. I'm having it cleaned, oiled and adjusted (CO&A). Think of it as an abbreviated form of psychotherapy for sewing machines.

Also, in addition to the CO&A, I'm getting the free hand system (FHS) installed on my machine. The FHS will allow me to lift the sewing machine foot by pressing my right leg against a bar! Sounds kinky, huh? That's useful for piecing curves, which I'm really into now. I'll show a picture of a top I recently completed.

This means I have some free time, although I'm currently hand stitching the binding on a quilt that I'll be showing at the 35th Annual Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show! The QU show is 'going green', checkout the web site for more info.

Here's the quilt. It was a mystery quilt that I did last QU Show.

For a mystery quilt, you are given a list of fabric, the amount and how to cut them. Once you get to class, you get instructions for a number of steps to construct a quilt! This particular mystery quilt demonstrated to me that it was contrast was very important!

The spouse, R, and I watched Juno this past weekend. Great flick! I think it'll win an Oscar! ;-) We also watched Lars and The Real Girl. Again, great flick! I shed a few tears at the end. If you've seen it, you might have felt as weird as I did about that.

The left lens in my glasses has a problem. The anti-glare coating is peeling off from the lens. At first I thought the blurriness was because of sweat, I had just toted my sewing machine into the quilt store for its CO&A, see above; but it was not. I have an eye doctor appointment for tomorrow. I'm discussing bifocals! Bifocals! Cursed genes!

I got home and went for a walk around the neighborhood, 45 minutes!, and had a martini. I'm outside on our back porch writing this and just finished my second martini, time to stop.

Just think, this wasn't even the blog entry that was trying to post!


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