Psycho Spring Cleaning

The previous weekend, Easter, the partner's, R, family stayed with us for Spring Break. I spent the previous two weeks preparing by doing some extra cleaning, aka Spring cleaning. The house really needed it and I found it made me feel good.

That is until the Sunday before the family's arrival. R and I went to the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington (GMCW)'s "That 80's Show". The show was great! I was a bit concerned with how a choral group was going to sing Pop songs. My fear? Muzak! Fortunately that only happened to one or two songs.

The problem came when the person who sat next to us showed up late. Being late really wasn't the issue, but the smell he brought was the real issue. I can only describe it as moldy. That's when I named him Moldy Man! Instantly, I felt bad because I knew nothing about this person, except they smelled bad and I started feeling allergies coming on. Was it psychosomatic?

I moved a bit closer to spouse, R, and kept thinking "Please don't touch me!" It detracted a bit from the show, but I focused on it. I could feel my sinuses start the initial stirrings of infection and potential bronchitis - to which I'm prone, but haven't suffered from in the past few years. Psychosomatic? Am I being rude? Am I still breathing? Am I being overly dramatic? What me?

At the half, the lights came up. I glanced over and saw that his finger nails were nothing but fungus. Ick! Oooh! I'm being a bad person! The smell is subtle but overwhelming. Is this why he was late?

I think about moving across the aisle where there are some empty seats. I think I'm being petty and rude. I'm thinking - I think way, way too much!

I push through the remainder of the show. It was very good, really!

After the show, we went to Meiwah, a Chinese restaurant. It was several blocks away and I didn't wear my coat - it was cold and breezy - I was very warm, borderline hot! Was I sick? Is it psychosomatic? I coughed a number of times. I had some green tea, hoping that it would help combat the icky feeling I was having. Dinner was great, I highly recommend the restaurant.

Unfortunately, I suffered from allergies/sinuses/bronchitis for the week before his family arrived. I went to work late Wednesday, R's parents arrived on Thursday, and I stayed home Friday and rested. I also rested on Saturday and seemed to recover.

I think it was just allergies - the residual effects of plant sex in the air! Moldy Man was the final straw and pushed my body over the edge!

Fortunately, the visit by the family went well. What? I didn't tell about that?


Baby Quilt Done!

Burgoyne Surrounded Baby Quilt Front
Originally uploaded by i_bugsy.

I finally finished the baby quilt. The block pattern is called Burgoyne Surrounded.
I learned a lot from making this quilt. In particular, getting my 1/4" seam allowance. I've got that one down now. I know exactly where to place my fabric on my sewing machine to get that 1/4" seam allowance.

Here's the back of the quilt. The back is a enlarged version of the center unit of the 4 blocks. Note that the outside squares were cut off when I put the binding on it. Does that make sense?