Halloween Costume

We were invited to visit our friends M and J at their home in Delaware. They also invited another couple, M and C. M and J also invited us to a Halloween party on Saturday.

The four of us (M and C; SU and myself) are not all that fond of dressing up for Halloween, but we came up with this group/individual costume. Note the black eyes and the letter P.

The BlackEyed Peas
In order: C, SU, M, and myself.

C (of M and C) ordered white sweatshirts from the Internet. I used my quilting/crafting experience to fuse the letter Ps on the fronts and names on the backs!
The BlackEyed Peas Back

Here are M, of Tales of the Sissy, and his partner, J.
Fred And Barney
I helped M make their costumes. M had bought a fleece blanket for his costume and fleece material for J's costume. We were very happy with the results, considering neither of us is a tailor! I just quilt! Straight lines for the Gay guy! (Except when I'm doing curved piecing which would come in handy for sleeves. mmm...)

M's funniest line was at the party and he was commenting on how warm he was, almost as if he was wearing a blanket! I laughed and said he was wearing a blanket!

The Halloween party was a lot of fun. My favorite costume was a group of guys that came as Deviled Eggs! (Sorry no picture.) But they had horns on their heads and wore white long-sleeved shirts with a yellow sphere on the front (that was the egg). I felt that they needed more egginess in their yolk, but otherwise it was a clever costume!

We had a lot of fun visiting and just hanging out.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, we went as "The BlackEyed Peas", a band.


MYRA said...

Hmmmmmm? You have me stumped! "P" and a black eye...?
Deviled Eggs... Ha! 8-)
I haven't been to a Halloween Party in years... Last time I dressed up was to take my kids out trick or treating...about 10-12 years ago...
How is that stitching coming along? 8-)

Campus Crafter said...

haha the black eyed peas costume is a very clever idea! i'm not surprised you didn't know what mine was. it was a very last minute idea to be waldo from where's waldo.

Mark in DE said...

I'm glad you guys had fun at the party, and that you were such good sports to dress up with us. We had a BALL during your visit, and can't wait for you to come back again!

Mark :-)