Red Petals

Ok. Nothing again today. I had planned to get into the sewing room and get started on the first, but last, section of the batik quilt - that didn't happen. So here's a picture of another pot of geraniums.

Today, we went to breakfast, SU did some cooking, I did some cleaning, I did some clean up on my email and played my Nintendo GameBoy (yeah, old technology) and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Currently, SU is ordering pizzas for a little birthday shindig for moi! My Mother, brother and his family are arriving soon.

Now I gotta run and see what else needs to be done.



shequilts said...

Many happy returns. Hope you've had a lovely birthday.

Sara said...

I sure hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

Myra said...

A big happy birthday wish to you J! ... and many more... 8-)
Enjoy your time with your family!

Mark in DE said...

Happy birthday Bugsy!

Mark :-)