And Then There Were 62

47 Batik Blocks
I have been working on making more batik drunkards paths blocks. So far I have a total of 62 made! The picture only shows 47 of the blocks on my design wall.

I've laid it out similar to the Around Tuit quilt. I was curious how it would look.

I'm not certain if this is the layout I'll be using. I need to move the blocks around and see. This is the part that takes a long time.

Also, I'm not certain if I'm making one big quilt (twin size) or making two throws.

Ah the decisions!

I still have time as I have at least another 40 blocks to do, maybe even 50! They are so easy to make. I can make 6 of these in 30 minutes!

I'm so stoked that at times I just dream about making more and how to lay them out!


Paul said...

The colors are amazing! Excellent!

Myra said...

Oh wow! They look awesome! That is going to look soooo great when completed! 8-)
Last year I bought myself an Easy Circle Cut ruler/template in order to make stuff like this one day. Still have to get more UFOs out of the way before starting anything new... 8-(
Happy stitching!

Carrie said...

I love the batiks in these blocks and how they look when put together. I've always looked batik fabrics -- but never knew what to do with them. I amazed at all the curved seams you're doing!

Mark in DE said...

I prefer the layout that results in the formation of circles. Gives it a cool, geometric look.

Mark :-)

Mischele said...

What a phenomenal fabric pull! The cool colors here and there really give the warm colors some major punch. Great eye appeal.