Thanksgiving Dinner

In our family, we've divided up the cooking/food responsibilities. This is beneficial for everyone as no one person gets overwhelmed.

My particular specialty is cooking the turkey. I've been doing that for about 15 years! I remember when I first started cooking the turkey, I asked my family for help and advice. That was a big mistake as they themselves didn't seem to know what they were doing when it came to cooking the turkey! So after some initial mishaps (undercooked, overcooked, caught fire!) I realized that I should be in total control of the bird and take no advice or help from anyone regarding it!

Once I made that realization and acted upon it, the turkey has come out wonderful everytime. Even last year when it caught fire! Fortunately, I was around to put out the fire. Whew!

My secret? The cooking bag! You can find these handy inventions in the same section with the foil. They are great! You prep the bird, stuff the bird, slather (lightly) with vegetable oil and sprinkle on some herbs and spices, slide it into the bag (the hard part), tie it up and place it in the oven. Then it takes about 2-1/2 hours for a 12.5lb stuffed bird. It comes out just right.

My niece likes the turkey leg and prefers to have an entire leg and munch on it; holding it with one hand. Which is why I like to call her Henry VIII!

My sister-in-law makes the gravy. I help her with this and we've gotten better over the years at not making messes and not spraying each other with hot turkey juices!

My brother makes the mashed potatoes, Mom makes the rolls, and my nephew makes the sweet potato balls, the niece makes the place mats and helps sets the table. Someone, whoever is available, cooks the green beans and the corn. Then someone else breaks out the cranberry sauce from the can, which I can't stand!

The spousal unit, aka hubby, makes pies. He makes pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Mmmm, tasty!

This year we had a special guest and he brought chocolate pudding and graham cracker cake! Very tasty too!

Dinner was followed by the traditional family photos, then desert and coffee, followed by a rousing round of Wii Golf. I won the golf tournament and will soon be challenging Tiger Woods to a golf tournament!

After that I needed a nap!


Out early!

Work let us out early today! I'm on my way home and then to the gym!

Gotta get ready for Thanksgiving!


Loud Morning

The birds were very loud this morning. They were cawing all over. At times it would echo down the street.


Misc - Evening Mobile Posting

Evening bus ride

Just missed the bus!

Seemed like the bus driver was focused on going and left without me! Drat!

MIsc - Morning Mobile Posting

Monday morning on the bus.

Cutey guy just got on the bus.


Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

Along with The 4400, I'm also watching Battlestar Galactica. I've gotten through Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica via Netflix.

Now I've just finished with the 10 Webisodes published on the SciFi's web site. These take place after the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, each is about 2 - 3 minutes in length.

This only reminds me that I need to check Netflix again and see if they have the next season ready to go. I'll need it because of the writer's strike. Sooner or later we'll go into reruns. Not that I don't have some quilting to do!

Creation of the Universe II

I completed this quilt last Wednesday while watching episodes from the 4400. The quilt is for a couple who are having their first kid. That kid was due last week. Of course, as is the case in such matters, the kid decided to hang out in the mother's womb. Silly kid!

Anyway, my source reports that the mother was scheduled for yesterday, Saturday, but I've not gotten anymore updates. My second source hasn't returned my call.

This is the second quilt in this series, which I didn't realize was a series until I was making this baby quilt, The "Creation of the Universe". I'll post an image of that quilt soon. It was done prior to my blogging.