Ah, Chocolate Martini

This is a chocolate martini. I had my very first one on the cruise we took in early April (see previous post) on Celebrity's Infinity to Hawaii. Check out Godiva's Chocolate Martini recipe.

It's almost as tasty as it was on the cruise. Although, there was no sexy Russian guy shaking it up for me. It was such a pleasure to see him swivel those hips!

I'm playing single this weekend as the husband is out of town for his cousin's wedding. I've already gone to the gym, went to the liquor store, had dinner out, went to the new grocery store, bought cookies and light cream (for the martini), and had two (TWO) of these chocolate martinis!

I may have to go have another martini to test out the Apple Vodka I got. Or maybe another chocolate martini. Mmmmm? What ever shall it be?