Wintery Mix

Wintery mix. When I saw that on the weather forecast for my area, I wondered what that meant. I'm not sure why I thought that, but I did. I couldn't recall having heard that phrase, but I'm sure I did but never really gave it much thought.

Today showed me what "wintery mix" means. It means that a mix of wintery weather will happen. How's that? Of course, that definition is so wrong based on what my teachers told me. You can't use the word to define itself.

Basically, wintery mix is rain, sleet, ice, snow and any combination of these. This morning when I looked out my window, I could see that the ground was wet and that white stuff was on the windshields of the cars. I didn't know if the white stuff was snow, ice or a combination. I went outside to check what type of precipitation was on the ground. It was rain, well, water. It hadn't frozen yet.

About a half hour later, it started to sleet. I could hear the click of the sleet as it hit the sidewalk, cars, and myself. It has since changed to snow and we are getting a good dose of that right now.

So there's my definition of "wintery mix". Now I know what it means.