Sunday Morning

Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm wondering what to do. It's overcast and raining or sleeting. I'm not sure which as I haven't been outside yet. I slept in late, quarter to nine, because the bed was so warm. I was drifting in and out of sleep - having strange, but pleasant, dreams.

Eventually, I did get up and I've cleaned the upstairs bathroom, vacuumed the house and moved some stuff around. I successfully completed the daily Yahoo! Sudoku, so I'm feeling brainy!

Next I'm off to swifer the wood floors, go to the gym and quilt!

Speaking (writing?) of quilting, I'm pleased to announce that I've completed adding the first border on our queen size quilt. The next border is a pieced one, but I should be able to complete it today. Then I'll add the third and final border. It'll be the same fabric as the inner border. Once its done I'll post a picture.



So I'm addicted to Sudoku. I would like to thank my partner for said addiction. I hope he remembers that he got me hooked when he's lying alone in bed!

Now, where was I on that puzzle? Mmmmm....


Three Olives Berry Vodka

I recently bought some vodka, Three Olives brand - Berry Flavor. It's not that I really needed the vodka, but I was in the ABC store to buy some Jack Daniels and saw the Three Olives Vodka. I just couldn't help myself!

I love cosmopolitans, so I figured that the berry flavor could only enhance my favorite drink. It did! While it may be a tad too much on the berry flavor, it really makes my cosmopolitan very tasty!

I saw a chocolate flavor too, but I haven't looked at a recipe for a chocolate martini, plus there is only so much space in our liquor cabinet! Although, I really do like chocolate, mmmm...


All done! Ready for cake!

We had just finished dinner at my partner's parent's house. There were eight of us. His mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. We finished up with ice cream for desert. The niece finished her ice cream. Pushed her ice cream dish away from her and proclaimed, "All done! Ready for cake!"

This proclamation happened before the New Year, but now seems to be very relevant. One year has ended, "All done!", and the other has just begun, "Ready for cake!". Something to look forward to, something tasty and something to bring a smile to your face.

It seems that children are wiser than their years. Or, it could just be that she was really looking forward to cake!