Two Halves Make a Whole

Our Quilt
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Well I finally got the two halves of our quilt sewn together and into a whole! The only thing left to do is make the middle border (flying geese), add the borders (inside, middle, outside), and bind it.

It turned out well except for one minor issue with a seam that didn't work right, or was not quite straight. One of the blocks didn't get locked into the joining seam. I plan on appliquéing a block on top to hide the issue.

Also, I didn't like the quilting near the seams on the quilt. I didn't quilt as close to the edges that I was to join in an effort to appliqué the backing fabric over the seam. I have to allow at least 1" to do that. Instead I went ahead and used a covering strip. So I should have quilted as close to the edge like I did on the other blocks. Oh well, live and learn.


Doll Quilt

Doll Quilt
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I had made a wall hanging quilt, Busy Bee, for my nephew. Apparently, his sister got a hold of it and is using it to keep her doll warm. So her mother asked me to make her a doll quilt before things get a little rough in the house!

I was only too happy to oblige. I got to use up some more of my scraps, but I still have way too many!

The quilt measures 17-1/2" x 21-1/2".

Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Table Runner
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This is my first Christmas table runner. It measures 17-1/4" x 59". I made the pattern as I went along. The quilt basically made itself and told me what to do. I was pleased with the results.


Snowball Quilted Postcard

Snowball Postcard
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This is my second postcard using the Fast2Fuse product as the middle layer. It is much more stiff and firm than the stuff I used on the first Crazy Quilted Postcard.

I like the snowball (snowman fabric and the Xmas lights fabric) block and I like the horn fabric, but am not wild about the size I made the horn fabric.

I really enjoy the snowmen though! I should have bought more of that fabric!

Crazy Christmas Quited Postcard

Crazy Postcard
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This is my first quilted postcard. I think the base is Pellor. It provides stability and firmness to the postcard and allows me to sew the fabric onto the Pellor, which replaces the traditional batting.

Once the top was done, I used Steam-A-Seam 2 and some muslin and then affixed it to the back of the postcard. This will allow me to write a Christmas message and address it to some lucky person.

I'm finding that the Pellor is not as stiff as the Fast2 Fuse product. That is my next postcard.


Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree

Xmas Tree Sans Flash
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This is our Christmas tree in all its glory. Shine, shine, shine oh Christmas tree! Blaze in the night like no other tree!

That was all totally unfiltered right out of my brain! I truly hope that you enjoy that little interlude!

My partner picked this tree out while I was busy taking Christmas pictures of my brother, his family and in-laws. I'm not sure how I got selected as photographer, but I did. The pictures turned out ok, but I'll not be giving up my day job!