Saturday Sky - 10/14/2006

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This is a picture of the completed Air Force Memorial which opened this weekend. I'm sure you saw the President at the opening ceremony. I, however, did not.

I was at the gym at the time and when I saw that he was about to speak I change the channel. I absolutely cannot stand to watch him speak! It's not the fact that we do not see eye-to-eye on many (MANY) issues. It's the fact that he simply cannot do public speaking. When he speaks, I feel like I'm in High School and he's the big, stupid bully trying to talk. It's sad, but true.


Square in a Sqaure

Square in a square blockI'm not sure what this block's name is, so I'm going with Square in a Square. Although that name really applies to the very center of the block. Basically, this block is composed of three elements: a square-in-a-square (center), four flying geese (the middle of the sides, top and bottom) and four squares (on the corners).

This block was done by Dan H. in the group that is doing a block challenge. I sent him the copper checked fabric and he came up with the pattern and the other fabrics to make the block. I really like it.

Once I get all the blocks back, I'm supposed to make something.

Saturday Sky - 10/07/2006

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Saturday Sky - 10/07/2006Today is very, very cloudy with very little rain.

My partner and I went to Macy's to go shopping! Neither of us found anything so we moved on to our next task - grocery shopping! We successfully did that, got home and put them away.

Now we're doing the household chores as he has a high school friend coming in to stay with us for the night. Her sister is coming with her. I don't think I've met the sister.


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel VIII

This is the last block for a quilt challenge that I am participating in. The double pink striped and diamond fabric is the fat quarter (FQ) that I was sent. The sender requested that I use brown and pink and give it sort of the Civil War era look.

I think I accomplished part of the Civil War look with the fabric. I'm not sure that this particular block pattern was in style at the time; however, the person I made it for said she'd like whatever I did.

This was a fun exercise as it pushed me to be creative and to touch every piece of fabric in my stash. I did that at least 3 times!

On Vacation

This is the block that I got from Sally S. for our Fall block challenge. I just got it today and when I opened it up I instantly felt like I was on a Hawaiian vacation. It made me smile.

A great way to start the weekend!


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel VII

Block number seven! The owner of the red floral fabric requested a mix of brown and red. I didn't have anything in my stash that was really speaking to me, so I took the fabric to G-Street fabric store to find some fabric. I found a chocolate brown floral and a light brown, red-striped fabric. Voila!

As I was working on the block thoughts of chocolate covered cherries kept popping in my head.


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel VI

Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel VI

The focus fabric here was an Asian print with a crane (I believe). I didn't get as much purple out of the fabric when I cut it for the geese portion of the block.

I think I should have used a light teal color for the background. As the two cranes that I fussy cut don't show up that well far away.

Otherwise I like it. Two more to go!