Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel V

This is my fifth block for the quilt challenge from an online quilt group.
The fabric sent to me is the green/purple batik (the geese).

My first shot at this did not turn out as well as I thought. I had auditioned another fabric and it just didn't work. I'm glad I auditioned it! I was trying to not have the block come out all purple, but these two fabrics in my stash were the only ones that worked. I like the way it turned out.

Ok, only three more to go!

Saturday Sky - 09/30/2006

Saturday Sky

I walked out this afternoon to go to the gym, had brought my camera and so snapped the picture.

It rained earlier today while my partner and I watched my niece play soccer. Her team lost 2-1, but they played very well!

Last night we had dinner with Mark and Joe. Joe had recently gotten a job in Delaware and is commuting back on the weekends to see Mark and visit with friends.

We had dinner at Mexicana Cantina (formerly The Taco House). The staff know Mark and Joe very well and are very friendly. We were able to catch up on each other's lives and had a tasty dinner!

After dinner we went to their house so we could show them our new car, a blue Toyota Prius, and they showed us the renovations they had done on their house. The house looks great! They seemed to have the best luck with contractors!

It was after 11 PM by the time we got home. I could hardly keep my eyes open and went straight to bed.


MIlky Way Block

This is the first block that I have received since sending out my fat quarters (18" x 22" fabric). This is from Shawn in Washington and is called the Milky Way pattern.

The fabric I sent is the yellow fabric. Shawn chose a very vibrant fabric, matching colors in my fabric.


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel IV

This is my fourth block. I did something a little different with the stripes and the placement of the flying geese. The fabric of the flying geese alternate.

I wasn't sure I liked this at first, but it grows on me as I look at it. It has a variety of interesting areas.

An interesting thing happened to me today. My project has ended. I've never been on a project where it ended. Usually, I'm the one that leaves before the project ends. Its kind of a weird feeling.

Fortunately, I'm on a new project, even more temporary than the one that just ended.


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel III

Yet another block, number three, in the quilt challenge for an online LGBT quilt group to which I belong.

The red fabric was what I had to use, the yellow and blue are mine. The owner of the red fabric requested that I not use any muted colors. This time I decided to limit the number of fabrics.

The blue reminds me of sky.


Shoofly Quad II

This is the companion block to Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel II.

I was a little concerned how this patterned fabric would work since it is a directional fabric. There's a few places that the direction of the fabric is not the same.

Definitely gave me some ideas to play with next time.

Its very time intensive to work with directional fabrics when the blocks are turned as you try and keep the direction of the fabric going in the same direction. Otherwise you can end up with a nausea inducing block!


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel II

This is the block I did for another person in our quilt challenge. I was really pleased how this one turned out. I was a bit concerned because the fabric is a directional fabric. I wished I had thought about turning the corners on the flying geese blocks that point to the sides and had them aligned like the others.

Only 6 more blocks to go!


ShooFly Quad

This is the companion block to the Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel. I used the left over fabric scraps from that block to make this one.

I was amazed that both blocks are 12.5" square! I'm so clever!

This is the block I'll keep, the other one goes to the Dan H. who had sent me the fat quarter.


Dutchman's Puzzle and Pinwheel

Dutcman's Puzzle and Pinwheel quilt block

I'm taking part in an online quilt challenge. I belong to a group of online quilters and one of members suggested a quilt challenge! Some of us accepted!

Each of us would send the other participating members a fat quarter (fabric measuring 18" x 22"). Then each participant would take fabric out of their stash to match the fabric sent and make a quilt block.

Each quilt block is sent back to the person whose fat quarter was used in the block. Once all of the blocks have been received, we are to make a quilted item with those blocks.

Some people sent notes with their fabric with any special requests or restrictions, but were asked to limit them because it is supposed to be a challenge!

This quilt block is a variation of a pattern called a Dutchman's Puzzle. Its a variation because normally the background of the block would all be the same fabric. I made a variation so that there is a pinwheel in the center of the block. The beige fabric was sent to me and the rest is from my stash.

In making these blocks, I had some left over fabric triangles of the beige and other colored fabric. I've sewn them together and will make some other block, like a shoofly block. I'll make a post once it is done.

I have seven more blocks to make and I'm behind!


Saturday Sky - 09/16/2006

Saturday Sky - 09/16/2006

It's been a rainy, overcast day.
We started out by going to the gym. Then we went to watch my niece play soccer (they won 3-1). Next we had lunch at a Da Vinci's (a local diner), went to the grocery store (Harris Teeter), and then came home.
As I hadn't taken an antihistamine, I had a headache and was feeling very sleepy - so I took a nap!
How's that for exciting?


Saturday Sky - 09/09/2006

Saturday Sky - 09/09/2006
I missed last weeks Saturday Sky. Here's a picture taken this morning while I'm driving home from my monthly quilt class at my favorite quilt store (see the previous post if interested - otherwise I feel like I'm a billboard). I just took the picture, I didn't take time to compose it. I was driving! So totally chance picture. It was the best of the bunch.

I'm also having problems posting my blog from flckr ever since I switched to the beta blogger. I'll have to play with it and see if I can get it working again.

Last weekend, my partner and I went to North Carolina to visit his family, mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. We had an enjoyable time even though the weather was kind of overcast and rainy.

We had a pick nick on Monday at the state park. We managed to eat, play and pack up to go before it started to rain! So it was lots of fun. The niece showed us how to sneak around (hunched over, looking at feet, with arms bent with elbows pointing up at the back). Nephew showed us how he can play balance on fallen trees.

QuiltPink Heart Block

I completed this block last night about midnight. I took it to my local quilt store, Capital Quilts, that is participating in the QuiltPink project.

Once all of the blocks are collected the owners of the quilt store will take all of the blocks made by people and assemble it into a quilt. Then it will be raffled on eBay and the funds generated will be donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

I enjoyed making the block using needleturn applique. That technique seems to work well for me. Even though I have big fingers and sometimes feel a bit clumsy trying to do the applique, I was very happy with how it turned out. I've still got work to do on the points and the valleys to make it look right.

I'm not an applique quilter, but the needleturn technique really appeals to me and I'm consistent when I use it. Who knows, maybe I'll do more.