Rotate Is Not Flip

I'm on a trip to Lubbock, TX to celebrate my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary and my cousin's recent marriage. So I guess that's kind of like a two-fer! But that is for another blog entry.

I'm staying at the Hawthorn Suites and they have a free breakast bar. So this morning I went down to have some coffee and a muffin. I'm sitting at my table enjoying my muffin when another guest goes to the waffle station. She proceeds to fill the waffle maker with batter and closes the lid. Then she reads the instructions and mentions out loud that she forgot to spray the waffle maker. Then she continues her monologue about how there is no spray and then there is spray and how this is going to suck.

But wait! It gets better!

One of the hotel staff comes over and asks the woman if she had just put waffle batter in the waffle maker. The woman replied that she had and asked why. The staff person said that once the batter has been put in you need to flip the waffle maker over to cook the waffle.

The woman looked at the staff person and said that that wasn't in the instructions. The staff person very politely said oh and then read the instructions. One of the instructions was to "rotate the handle to the right."

At which point the woman said "Rotate is not flip."

Perhaps this entry should've been entitled "Read The Instructions!"?


C'est Moi!

That's French for "It's me!" At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Apparently, in order to have a photo with your profile you have to upload a photo in a blog entry. This seems weird to me. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Also note that you can upload a .jpg file, but can only use .jpeg as the file extension if you use the photo in your profile! What's with that? Then, even when you upload a file with the .jpeg extension, the application handily changes the name of the extension for you! Arghh!!!

So I generated this new entry as a way to have a photo in my blog to use in my profile. After all one can't have just a photo in a blog entry! Or can one? Mmmm....


Just One of the Ladies

Last Saturday I went to my usual class at my local quilt store. I've been going to this class for a few years. I enjoy the store, the owners, staff and customers! Also, I'm the only male quilter that shows up for this class.

As usual we get started and the opening statement is usually, "Good Morning Ladies!". I take it in stride. I know who I am, I know my gender and I'm not offended in the least. At those times, I'm just one of the ladies and I think I fit right in.

Occasionally, someone kindly reminds our instructors (there are two) that there is a gentleman in the room. Then I get a "and gentlemen", which makes me smile. This happened today and so I smiled.

Being the only male also creates some funny moments, like when one of our instructors said something to the effect, "remember when you had children..", I stated firmly that I did not! This brought several chuckles and smiles.

So every second Saturday of the month, I'm just one of the ladies!