Time is Relative

It seems that as I get older, time passes quickly. Why do you suppose that is?

I remember while growing up how slow the time passed. I felt it was forever before school was out for the Summer or for Holidays. The days seemed to drag on.

Now, it seems like time is just whizzing by. It seems like last week was October! Now its March and almost April!

What got me to thinking about this is that my friend Anita and I are making quilts for a friend who is having twins. That was in mid-February and I set the deadline for the end of March to have the quilt tops made. I didn't realize until this weekend that March is just about over. One more weekend and that's it! I hadn't even started on my quilt top!

Anita already has her quilt top done. So I worked on it tonight and got 8 of 36 blocks done. So I should have it done by the end of March. Otherwise I'll have to negotiate a new deadline with myself and I don't like to change deadlines! Boy am I tough!

So time is relative and as I get older, it passes even more quickly. I guess that means I'm traveling closer to the speed of light!


Reflection on Problem Solving

I had my last day of XSLT/XPath training. I learned quite a bit and a few new techniques, which got me to thinking about problem solving. (Being a techie person this involves solving problems by writing software.)

It seems that there are many ways to approach a problem and how to solve it. Often this involves reflecting on the problem, identifying tools and outlining a way to solve the problem. Now this sounds easy enough, but what I find myself doing is trying to solve the problem without really reflecting on it. So I waste a lot of time doing stuff, only to find out that what I was doing didn't really solve the problem.

Also, by reflecting on the problem and on the tools I have to use to solve the problem and how they work. Believe it or not, how to solve a problem is very dependent on the tools you have to use, how they work and creative ways to use the tools in order to solve a problem.

In short, take the time to reflect on the problem, make sure you've identified the problem, outline a course of action, pick up your tools and start to work on the problem. During the solution phase you'll need to periodically run back through the whole process to ensure you are on track.

Hopefully, this makes some sense. I'll come back and edit it.

Yeah, this post was not as exciting as the previous, but you can't always be sunshine and cheer!


Dead Cows Learning XML

I'm in training all this week. I'm learning XPath, XSLT and XSL-FO. Actually, I'm really getting more insight into these technologies. But that's not important right now!

What is important is for me to pontificate about learning. What? "What about the Dead Cows" you say? Well, I did that just to get your attention. Being the overwhelmed information society that we are, I needed a bit of excitement to get you to read this very important blog. See? It worked!

Now. Learning. Its a good thing really. If you don't learn new things, then you'll grow old, get dementia and die. Unfortunately, you've got to live a long while with the dementia and that's the worst! I mean, people will play jokes on you and swipe your underwear! Unless, of course, you like going comanche, then you won't like it.

So if you don't learn, then you'll become a dead cow with mad cow disease. After all, you would suffer from dementia and that is nothing more than mad cow disease. So basically, not learning causes mad cow disease!

Wow! I can now see the draw of Intelligent Design! It does seem intellgent that the great Designer would build in the Learning response as needed so one didn't get some dreaded disease - like mad cow disease!

In summary, it is a scientific fact that learning is a good thing and doesn't cause mad cow disease or turn you into a dead cow!

Stay tuned next time for my ramblings on UFO traffic incidents! Could you encounter an UFO suffering from road rage?


The First Day

Wow! This is my first posting. Imagine, me, a professional IT person and this is my first blog entry. Supposedly, you'd think that I'd be blogging a long time ago. Well, you'd be wrong.

I think this is due to the fact that there's really not all the much interesting to say about everyday life. I mean, I get up, I eat breakfast, I go to work, I work, I eat lunch, I commute home. There's a lot of 'I' in this paragraph and I'm sure that's not too interesting to you, my dear readers. Or perhaps, you are my adoring fans and are just waiting with baited breath for my next exciting adventure! Or I could be posting to the ether on the Internet. Either way, I get to blabber on and on about nothing and not care if anyone reads this much less ignores me!

All right, I only did this so I can log in and write obnoxious entries on my friend Mark's blog - http://www.talesofthesissy.blogspot.com/. If I can figure out how to link to his site, I'll do it. Now, this should be easy as I am in the IT profession.

Wow, I was able to do it! I almost had to move to another profession!