Pile O Scraps

Tonight I'm not having much luck in any of my projects - quilting or computer. Our laptop died this week and I was trying to fix it or at least try and get the data off of the hard drive. That's not happening tonight! So I moved to my quilt project and I was sewing the wrong peices together - and its a crazy scrap quilt! I mean how can you screw that up?! Well I did.

So I moved to blogging where I present a pile of potential creativity. A pile of fabric scraps. Scraps from the various quilts I have made and some from a scrap swap at my quilt guild. I am amazed at the amount of fabric scraps I have!

Pile O Fabric Scraps!

I found it very relaxing to rummage through the fabric scraps, anticipating a quilt that will come out of it! Already I'm working a crazy scrappy log cabin quilt (yes, the one mentioned earlier)! Maybe I'll share a picture of what I've done already?

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pat winter said...

Your scrap pile looks yummy! What fun you will have with this! I would love to see your crazy patch when ready to share.