The Kind Of Gay I Am

I took this quiz that I was put onto by The Other Side of Straight.


"You scored as Straight Acting. Heya your on the straight and narrow but still enjoy a good cute guy with a pint of beer."
Straight Acting
The all-round cute gay guy
A Big Bear
S + M guy
Raging Queer
Straight Queer Basher
What type of Gay are YOU?
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The straight acting thing I get. I'm not overly effeminate and I can hang with the guys. One of my co-workers was surprised when I came out to him as he thought I was straight. He said, "You're stealth Gay." Yes, indeed.

The All around cute guy thing is also doable. I've been told I'm cute, handsome, etc. by many people - so it must be true! ;-) I also love to look at cute guys!

A Big bear - well not so big anymore, but I have been told I look like a bear.
S&M guy - well...

Raging queer - while I'm not overly effeminate, apparently I can be in your face! Don't piss me off and we'll get along fine! I wonder if I should stay out of the china shop? Hmmmm....

Straight Queer Basher - I'm not sure what this means. I am queer, so does that mean I'm a straight basher? Or does it mean I'm a straight man that bashes queers? Very perplexing. Perhaps this is just the usual internalized homophobia?

Straight - well no surprise here. Now, I have known a woman, but there was just something missing. Hmmmm....

1 comment:

Mark in DC said...

"What kind of gay am I?" Ha ha, that reminds me of that song "What kind of fool am I?"

And I agree with the others who say you're cute. :-)