Time is Relative

It seems that as I get older, time passes quickly. Why do you suppose that is?

I remember while growing up how slow the time passed. I felt it was forever before school was out for the Summer or for Holidays. The days seemed to drag on.

Now, it seems like time is just whizzing by. It seems like last week was October! Now its March and almost April!

What got me to thinking about this is that my friend Anita and I are making quilts for a friend who is having twins. That was in mid-February and I set the deadline for the end of March to have the quilt tops made. I didn't realize until this weekend that March is just about over. One more weekend and that's it! I hadn't even started on my quilt top!

Anita already has her quilt top done. So I worked on it tonight and got 8 of 36 blocks done. So I should have it done by the end of March. Otherwise I'll have to negotiate a new deadline with myself and I don't like to change deadlines! Boy am I tough!

So time is relative and as I get older, it passes even more quickly. I guess that means I'm traveling closer to the speed of light!

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